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Have you ever experienced sleepless nights because of itchy dry painful and sore skin? Naturally Happy Skin was founded for that very reason. The desire for a household to get some long awaited, well earned decent sleep. There was a time when the Naturally Happy family were up every night for hours at a time dealing with the incessant and unrelenting itching and dry skin of our daughter, Izzy, who experienced chronic eczema from the age of one. 


Our house resembled a shrine to eczema creams tried and failed. After being told by doctors and dermatologists there was nothing we could do other than apply vast quantities of potent steroids and chemical based lotions and potions that ultimately damaged her skin, Naturally Happy founder, me, Suzy, got to work. 

With a tonne of research and creativity over the years, we are now proud to share our entirely natural, ethical skin care range, designed to help anyone who has ever experienced dry or sensitive skin in any way. Whether it's eczema, dry hands, sun damaged skin, signs of ageing, scars or stretchmarks, Naturally Happy Skin can help you take back some control.

There is no single cure for problem skin. There are lifestyle changes and environmental factors to be considered. But one thing we all know for sure, a good skincare regime is a huge part of the puzzle to ensure you enjoy Naturally Happy Skin everyday. 

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